2018 Ford Expedition Spy Photos Leaked

2018 Ford Expedition Spy Photos

Leaked Images Surface

The internet is buzzing with excitement as leaked images of the 2018 Ford Expedition have surfaced online. These aren't your typical grainy, long-distance spy shots. We're talking high-resolution, revealing glimpses of the redesigned SUV, both inside and out. While Ford was aiming for a grand reveal, these leaks have given us an early look at what's in store. From the looks of it, the 2018 Expedition has undergone a significant transformation. The exterior design is bolder and more modern, featuring a prominent grille, sleek headlights, and a more sculpted body. Inside, the cabin appears to be more upscale and spacious, with premium materials and the latest technology. Although we don't have all the details yet, these leaked images have certainly heightened anticipation for Ford's official unveiling of the 2018 Expedition. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

Feature 2017 Ford Expedition 2018 Ford Expedition (Spy Photos)
Exterior Design Traditional, boxy SUV design Redesigned with sleeker, more modern styling cues (based on spy photos)
Platform Steel frame Likely aluminum-intensive platform (rumored, based on F-150)

New Design Cues

While heavily camouflaged, the spy photos and leaked images of the 2018 Ford Expedition hinted at a bold new design direction for the iconic SUV. The most noticeable change appeared to be the adoption of a new front grille, bearing a striking resemblance to the one found on the Ford F-150 pickup truck. This large, hexagonal grille, often featuring two horizontal chrome bars, instantly added an air of ruggedness and capability to the Expedition's front fascia.

Moving beyond the grille, the headlights seemed to adopt a slimmer, more angular design, further enhancing the SUV's modern aesthetic. The lower bumper also received a redesign, with larger air intakes and a more sculpted appearance. While the camouflage concealed the finer details, it was clear that Ford aimed to give the 2018 Expedition a more aggressive and athletic stance.

From the side profile, the 2018 Expedition appeared to retain its traditional boxy silhouette, maximizing interior space. However, subtle character lines running along the bodywork hinted at a more sculpted and aerodynamic design. The rear of the vehicle remained largely under wraps, but the taillights seemed to adopt a sleeker, more horizontal layout, complementing the redesigned front end.

Overall, the spy photos and leaked images suggested that the 2018 Ford Expedition was poised for a significant design refresh. By borrowing cues from the popular F-150, Ford aimed to inject the Expedition with a healthy dose of rugged appeal, while simultaneously modernizing its overall aesthetic. While we had to wait for the official unveiling to see the final product, the early glimpses promised a bolder and more sophisticated iteration of the beloved SUV.

2018 ford expedition spy photos

Interior and Exterior Updates

Spy photos and leaked images of the 2018 Ford Expedition revealed some exciting interior and exterior updates. While still retaining the Expedition's bold and rugged DNA, Ford introduced a modern and sophisticated aesthetic.

The exterior showcased a redesigned front grille, more sculpted and featuring a prominent horizontal chrome bar. Updated headlights, possibly featuring LED technology, flanked the grille, lending a more aggressive and modern look. The rear design echoed these updates with restyled taillights and a revised tailgate.

Inside, the 2018 Expedition appeared to get a significant overhaul. Leaked photos hinted at a redesigned dashboard with higher quality materials and a more upscale feel. A large touchscreen infotainment system took center stage, likely running Ford's latest SYNC 3 system. The gear selector was replaced with a rotary dial, freeing up space in the center console. While details remained limited pre-release, these updates promised a more premium and technologically advanced cabin for the 2018 Ford Expedition.

Powertrain Options and Performance

Spy photos and leaked images of the 2018 Ford Expedition revealed some exciting details about its powertrain options. While Ford kept official specs under wraps, the rumors pointed to some significant changes. The biggest buzz surrounded the potential replacement of the aging 6-speed automatic transmission with a more modern and efficient 10-speed automatic transmission. This new transmission, already featured in the F-150, promised smoother shifting and improved fuel economy.

Under the hood, the 2018 Expedition was expected to retain the tried-and-true 3.5L EcoBoost V6 engine. This twin-turbocharged powerhouse, known for its robust torque and towing capabilities, was likely to receive some refinements to enhance performance and efficiency further. While horsepower figures remained under wraps, many anticipated a modest bump over the previous model's already impressive output.

The 2018 Expedition aimed to maintain its reputation as a capable hauler. With the upgraded powertrain, towing capacity was expected to either remain similar to the previous model or potentially see a slight increase. This would allow the Expedition to continue to compete with rivals like the Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban in the full-size SUV segment.

Release Date and Pricing Speculation

While Ford has kept official details under wraps, the rumor mill has been working overtime. Spy photos and leaked images have fueled speculation about the 2018 Expedition's release date and price.

2018 ford expedition spy photos

Many automotive journalists and industry insiders predicted a late 2017 or early 2018 release based on the sightings of heavily camouflaged prototypes. Their predictions were spot on. Ford officially launched the 2018 Expedition in February 2018.

Pricing details, however, remained a bit more elusive until the official announcement. Pre-release speculation suggested a slight price bump compared to the previous generation, given the updated design, technology features, and potential powertrain enhancements. Again, the speculation proved accurate. The 2018 Expedition started at an MSRP slightly higher than the outgoing 2017 model, with various trim levels and options influencing the final price tag.