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Sites Like Living Social


Groupon, launched in 2008, is a global e-commerce marketplace connecting subscribers with local merchants. It offers deals and discounts on various goods and services, including restaurants, spas, activities, travel, and more. Groupon operates on a voucher system, where users purchase vouchers through the platform and redeem them with the merchant. The platform gained immense popularity for its daily deals and group buying concept, where discounts are unlocked when a minimum number of people purchase the voucher. While Groupon faced challenges with merchant relationships and sustainability, it remains a prominent player in the online deals and local commerce space.


Yelp is a platform for crowd-sourced reviews about businesses. It also operates a reservation service called Yelp Reservations. Users can submit reviews of businesses using a five-point rating scale. Businesses can also interact with their customers by responding to reviews, adding photos, and updating business information. Yelp was founded in 2004 and has since become one of the most popular websites for finding local businesses. The company has been the subject of controversy, with some businesses alleging that Yelp extorts them by threatening to suppress positive reviews or promote negative ones. However, Yelp has denied these allegations, and no court has found the company liable for such behavior.

Time Out

Sometimes, you just need a break. It doesn't have to be a fancy vacation or an elaborate outing. Even just five minutes of peace can do wonders for your mental health. Step away from your desk, put down your phone, and just breathe. Listen to your favorite song, read a few pages of a book, or simply close your eyes and let your mind wander. You'll be surprised how refreshed even a short time out can make you feel.


TripAdvisor is an American online travel company providing user-generated reviews of travel-related content. It features reviews and advice on hotels, holiday rentals, restaurants, flights, tours, cruises, and what to do in destinations worldwide. TripAdvisor, a subsidiary of Tripadvisor, Inc., was founded in February 2000 by Stephen Kaufer, Langley Steinert, Nick Shanny, and Tom Palka. The website has versions in 49 markets worldwide and is available in 28 languages.

Headquartered in Needham, Massachusetts, TripAdvisor operates internationally with major offices in New York City, London, Singapore, Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam, and Sydney. The company went public on NASDAQ in December 2011. As of 2022, TripAdvisor had over 463 million monthly active users and featured over 887 million reviews and opinions of nearly 8 million accommodations, airlines, experiences, and restaurants.


Fever is a temporary increase in your body temperature, often due to an illness. Having a fever is a sign that something out of the ordinary is going on in your body. For an adult, a fever may be uncomfortable, but usually isn't a cause for concern unless it reaches 103 F (39.4 C) or higher. For infants and toddlers, a slightly elevated temperature may indicate a serious infection. Fevers generally go away on their own. There are medications you can take to help you feel better. Seek medical advice if you have any concerns.


Eventbrite is an American event management and ticketing website. The service allows users to browse, create, and promote local events. The company charges a fee to event organizers in exchange for online ticketing services, unless the event is free. Founded in 2006, Eventbrite has processed millions of ticket sales globally. From music festivals and conferences to workshops and rallies, the platform caters to a diverse range of events. Eventbrite provides tools for organizers to manage ticketing, promote events, and track attendance. It has become a popular choice for both event creators and attendees seeking seamless event experiences.

Local Flavor

No trip to [City Name] is complete without experiencing the local flavor. Dive into the city's vibrant culinary scene by grabbing a bite at [Restaurant Name], known for its [Dish Name] - a local favorite. For a sweet treat, head to [Bakery/Cafe Name] and indulge in their famous [Pastry/Dessert Name]. Immerse yourself in the local culture at the [Market Name], where you can find unique handicrafts, fresh produce, and interact with friendly vendors. In the evening, catch a live performance of [Traditional Music/Dance Form] at [Venue Name] and witness the city's artistic spirit. Don't forget to pick up some [Local Souvenir] from the shops around [Landmark Name] as a reminder of your time in [City Name].


Scoutmob is a discovery and marketing platform headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Launched in 2010, it initially gained recognition for its curated daily deals that highlighted local businesses. Scoutmob expanded its offerings beyond daily deals to encompass a broader range of content and services. It features editorial content, city guides, and a curated marketplace showcasing unique goods and experiences. The platform is recognized for its mobile-first approach, aiming to connect users with local businesses and experiences through its app and website. Scoutmob has been featured in publications like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Forbes.